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Budget Advisory Committee



The goal of the BAC is to provide the stakeholders with an understanding of education funding and the constraints and opportunities of the State and District budgeting process and to build the Inglewood Unified School District educational communities’ capacity for understanding the process of budgeting and the challenges of maintaining fiscal solvency.


The purpose of the BAC is to provide a forum for sharing of information, for stakeholders to ask questions and for the County Administrator to share information and to receive input on the allocation of the District resources. 


Information will be shared on revenues and expenditures and on the status of the State budget and the District’s allocation of resources, constraints, and opportunities of funding, timeline, calendar, and the approval process.



  1. Making recommendations regarding budget priorities
  2. Recommending cost reduction strategies, such as identifying services that may be reduced, made    more efficient, or discontinued
  3. Reviewing the clarity and effectiveness of budget documents and communications
  4. Presenting progress reports on the committee's work and a final report of recommendations to the Superintendent or designee and to the Board
  5. Understands and discusses the impact of federal, state, and local funding sources on the District’s budget and applicable restrictions for expending these funds.
  6. Examines the District’s budget and multi-year projections for both short-term and multi-year fiscal solvency.
  7. Uses a consensus process to develop ideas and input for the Board of Education to consider during the planning and developing of the District’s budget and strategic priorities.