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A Message from County Administrator' Dr. James Morris

Dr. James Morris

May 1, 2024

Dear Inglewood Unified School District Staff, Students, Families and Community Members, 

As we get ready for the last weeks of the academic school year, collaboration is important in ensuring students maintain their focus. This is the time of the year where our students are taking important tests, and are formulating summer plans. Subsequently, warmer weather presents challenges to sustaining a study commitment during this period.

As parents, positive reinforcement, words of encouragement, and thoughtful gestures to your child can make a world of difference. A motivational note, special time together on the weekend, or a simple reminder of how special they are can make a significant difference. Teachers and school staff can also encourage students by reminding them of how much they have learned this year, rewarding excellent attendance, and inspiring them to finish the school year by always doing their best. Our children need to know that they are brilliant, gifted with special talents, and unique.

Likewise, the district’s staff is also very special and I invite our community to join me in thanking them for their hard work throughout the year. The IUSD staff knows that our commitment to the students and families of Inglewood requires us to do extraordinary things for the children. Please take a few minutes to thank your student’s teacher(s). Send a kind note to your child’s principal. Have your child draw a special picture for the bus driver, cafeteria staff, or school secretary. Help your child make a card for the custodian who keeps their classroom clean. Small gestures of kindness go a long way in reminding the IUSD staff that they are appreciated.

Let me close by thanking the parents and community members who volunteer in our schools and classrooms. The students of Inglewood Unified benefit from the dedicated support and the hours upon hours of valuable time donated by school volunteers. It takes a team to educate our children and together, we will continue to build the best school district in California!

Together, #WeAreInglewoodUnified


James Morris, Ed.D.
County Administrator