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Comprehensive School Safety Plans

All California public schools kindergarten and grades one through twelve must develop a Comprehensive School Safety Plan (CSSP), per California Education Code sections 32280-32289.5. Each CSSP must address the safety concerns identified through a systematic planning process where all staff members must be trained on the adopted CSSP. In addition, in order for CSSPs to be adopted by the Board, the CSSPs must be reviewed by local law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement agencies include local police departments, county sheriffs’ offices, school district police or security departments, probation departments, and district attorneys’ offices.
The adopted CSSPs must address the following areas:
      • Assessments of School Safety
      • Discipline Policies and Practices
      • Funding
      • Professional Development Activities
      • Counseling and Wellness Services
      • Collaborative Relationships
      • Safe Schools Programs and Strategies
      • Campus Security
Following are the Comprehensive School Site Plans for the 2020 - 2021 and the 2019 - 2020 academic school years. For additional information regarding your school site's CSSP, please contact the school administrator or Inglewood Unified School District's Chief Operating Officer at (310) 419-2700.
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Comprehensive School Safety Plans
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Comprehensive School Safety Plans
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