Special Education

Services Overview

-  Special Education services for students in all IUSD schools in several classroom settings
-  Other Special Education services in IUSD Schools, Southwest SELPA Regionalized Programs, nonpublic schools, and residential treatment centers
-  Language and speech pathologist services
-  School Nursing
-  Child Find services
-  Occupational Therapy services
-  Adaptive Physical Education
-  Counseling Services
-  Southwest SELPA participation
-  Alternate Dispute Resolution
Special Education services offered within IUSD schools include the following classroom settings:
General Education Setting with Accommodations: Students who experience mild learning difficulties that are supported with individualized accommodations under a general education credentialed teacher.

Resource Specialist Program (RSP) Setting: Students who experience learning difficulties in one or more subject areas (as measured by formal assessments and identified in their IEP’s) are part of the Resource Specialist Program (RSP) Setting. These students attend general education classes and are taught by credentialed special education teachers in the deficit subject area. There are RSP programs at all Inglewood Unified School District schools.

Special Day Class (SDC) Setting: Students who require a more intensive Least Restricted Environment due to their individual needs are taught in a Special Day Class (SDC) and will be mainstreamed into general education as specified by their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). There are SDC classes at all Inglewood Unified School District schools.

Designated Instructional Services (DIS)

Speech and Language Pathologists (SLI), Occupational Therapists (OT), Physical Therapists (PT), Adapted Physical Education (APE), Behavior Intervention Services (BII/BID), Counseling, Educationally Related Intensive Counseling Service (ERICS) Counseling, Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH), Visually Impaired (VI) Services, Audiology

Qualifying Special Education Eligibilities

Child Find: Through the Child Find process, the Inglewood Unified School District Special Education Department informs parents of Special Education services that are available and the procedures through which the services can be obtained. Parents are encouraged to ask for Special Education assessments in writing at their schools of residence.
Outside Agencies of Support

Department Staff Overview

Executive Director of Special Education Administrator of Compliance, Special Education
School Psychologists Program Specialists
Administrative Support Adaptive Physical Education teachers
Office Number: (310) 419-3029

Program Specialists

Rochelle Chatman
(424) 344-8487
[email protected]
Morningside, La Tijera

Joy Harper
(424) 340-4353
[email protected]
Centinela, Pre-School
Harvey Estis
(323) 392-2998
[email protected]
Inglewood High, Inglewood Cont., Parent, Warren Lane
John Hughes
(310) 912-1949
[email protected]
Payne, Bennett-Kew, Worthington
Maria Morales
(424) 340-4682
[email protected]
Woodworth/Monroe, Highland
Hortencia Romero
(424) 340-4685
[email protected]
Oak Street, Kelso
(323) 506-7931
[email protected]
Hudnall, Crozier, City Honors


Southwest Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA)

The Inglewood Unified School District is part of the Southwest SELPA. In Southwest SELPA, school district superintendents meet to determine how to implement State Special Education mandates. The SELPA Director provides consultation services to Special Education directors, expedites placing students throughout SELPA schools as needed, assists with solving difficult problems, and provides resources and training.

Special Education Leadership

Lourdes Flores
Executive Director of Special Education
[email protected]

Administrator of Special Education