Educational Services Department

Learn more about what your child will experience as a student with us here at Inglewood Unified, from their first day of Kindergarten to being handed their diploma and walking across the graduation stage. Our students are provided with a curriculum that will challenge and prepare them for a college education and a successful professional career.


The purpose of the Educational Services Division is to empower teachers and leaders in IUSD to relentlessly pursue the development of high impact, innovative practices to ensure that students realize their dreams and contribute to building a global responsible community grounded in equity and social justice.

Administrative staff information, call (310) 419-2700:

Dr. Bernadette C. Lucas
Chief Academic Officer
Ext: 3025
Administrative Secretary
Ext: 2721
Dr. Dawnyell Goolsby
Executive Director of State & Federal  Programs
Ext: 2779
Executive Director of Secondary Education
Ext: 5110
Dr. Ugema Hosea-James
Executive Director of UTK-8 Education
Ext: 2769
Lourdes Flores
Executive Director of Special Education
Ext: 2754
Julio Morales
Executive Director of Information Technology
Ext: 2731
Dr. Joanna Clifton
Director of Early Education
Ext: 5392
Debra Tate
Director of High School Redesign
Omar Bray
District Athletics Coordinator
LaTonya Babin
ASES District Coordinator
Ext: 4819
Catherine Shaw
Senior Clerk Typist
Ext: 3035

LACOE/CCEE Support Team

Dr. Alane Calhoun, Director III
Instructional Strategy and Continuous Improvement
Los Angeles County Office of Education/California Collaborative for Educational Excellence