IUSD Stellar Student Spotlight

Crozier Middle School - Genesis Aguilar
By Maygan Orr
Genesis Aguilar is finishing this school year off right! As a top scholar at Crozier Middle School, this 7th grader has earned a 3.4 GPA in her honors classes, setting the bar high for being a stellar student as well as a student leader. Genesis attended Oak Street Elementary School, and while there, she assisted her math teachers with grading, and creating homework assignments that were interesting and meaningful to her fellow students. Math has always been her favorite subject because she enjoys problem solving. Her hobbies include drawing buildings and tropical scenes and listening to Spanish music- specifically Banda and Corridos. Genesis would like to attend UCLA for college one day and become a graphic designer. 
Genesis Aguilar
This school year, Genesis demonstrated her leadership skills in the Beverly Hills West (CA) chapter of the Links, Incorporated’s GEMS program- (GIRLS EMPOWERED, MOTIVATED, and STRONG). GEMS is an after-school program designed to prepare middle school girls to meet the challenges of adolescence and young adulthood, make positive life choices, and maximize their authentic potential as young ladies of color. Through the GEMS program, Genesis attended virtual workshops with guest speakers twice a month, and took on volunteer leadership roles within the workshops, such as introducing guest speakers and creating slide shows. Some of the workshop topics during the 2020-2021 school year were: virtual field trips to Ghana, Senegal, and Paris, skin care, Earth Day, celebrating Women’s history, STEM, Black and Latinx artists as well as the inauguration of Links, Inc. member- Vice-President Kamala Harris. Genesis shared that her favorite event was the Women’s History month workshop, because it increased her confidence and inspired her to become a woman that serves her community.  
Genesis has this advice to share with her fellow IUSD students: “We all start at 0, so we can all get to 100.”

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Centinela Elementary School - Oswaldo Garcia
By Maygan Orr
OswaldoGarciaOswaldo Garcia knows how to represent the city of champions! This goalkeeper for the Inglewood Galacticos soccer team has not only won 3 regional soccer championships, but has also won honor roll awards, perfect attendance awards, and an IUSD award for outstanding achievement!
As a 7th grader at Centinela K-8 School, Oswaldo is a straight A student, and a leader amongst his peers. As student body president, he facilitates the planning of school fundraisers and events. Oswaldo has also been active in Boy Scouts since he was in 3rd grade. He believes being a Boy Scout is important because he is able to give back to communities through activities, such as painting murals at schools, feeding the homeless, and hosting fundraisers like “Pinewood Derby” where the scouts design and make cars out of wood and race them. In Boy Scouts, he also learns about honor and service.
Oswaldo’s favorite subject is Math because he loves a challenge. His dream college is UCLA. He would like to become a veterinarian one day, because he enjoys researching how to help his two pet Chihuahuas when they are hurt or sick. Oswaldo’s hobbies are playing soccer, drawing cartoon characters, and playing classical music on the piano.
Oswaldo has this advice to share with his fellow IUSD students: “Any kid, or adult, can achieve anything in their lives as long as they put in the time, and put their minds to it.”
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Crozier Middle School - Destiny Agbagwu
Destiny AgbagwuBy Maygan Orr
Destiny Agbagwu is not only at the top of his game but also at the top of his 8th grade class at Crozier Middle School with a 4.0 GPA! Destiny and his family moved to the U.S. from Nigeria in 2016, in search of a better life and greater opportunities. Destiny shared that his father is his greatest role model, because he has shown him all the rewards that hard work can bring. According to Destiny, his father has exemplified the balance of work and family. 
Education is of the utmost importance to Destiny, and his favorite subject is math. He would like to attend UCLA, Brown, or Howard University for college and major in computer science. He is interested in becoming a lawyer one day to effectively argue for causes that he believes in, such as social justice and civil rights. Destiny believes that he has been called to serve.  He has a heart to give back and provide service to others. He is a regular volunteer at his church, and a primary Bible reader in his youth Bible study classes. 
Destiny has received numerous awards, including honor roll, the IUSD Academic Excellence award, and the Youth Leadership award from his church. His hobbies include playing video games, soccer, and conducting youth Bible studies.  
Destiny has this advice to share with his fellow IUSD students: “There is only failure when there isn’t an attempt.” 
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City Honors International Preparatory High School - Ja'Cobe Simms
Ja Cobe SimmsBy Maygan Orr
Beginning his football career with the Inglewood Jets at the age of 6, Ja’Cobe Simms has become a stand-out athlete. He is currently a senior at City Honors International Preparatory School (CHIPS) and plays the guard position for the Inglewood High School Sentinels. Ja'Cobe recently received offers from 6 colleges but accepted an official offer on February 3, 2021 from Arizona Christian University (ACU), where he will play next Fall as an offensive lineman and major in Business. In January 2021 he toured ACU, a Christian faith-based school with a family-like community, which is important to Ja’Cobe and one of the reasons he fell in love with the campus. He also likes that ACU isn’t too far from his family in California.
Although Ja’Cobe will be out of state for college, he wants to maintain his roots by opening an Inglewood barbershop one day. Ja’Cobe is a self-taught barber and an entrepreneur who wants to start his own clothing brand called “Hustle Vision”. The inspiration behind his brand comes from his personal experiences, and his artistic skills. Growing up Ja’Cobe sometimes struggled in school, but later realized the importance of staying motivated to be his best, which is why he plans to include inspiring messages on his brand pieces. He hopes to spread this positive message to everyone who sees it. In addition, he also enjoys drawing and wants to use his original designs for his clothing brand.
Ja’Cobe loves the City of Inglewood and has bettered his community through mentoring local youth at the Boys and Girls Club, as well as volunteering at the Red Cross. Ja’Cobe has this advice to share with his fellow IUSD students: “No matter what you have been through, never give up.”
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La Tijera Academy of Excellence - Cree Suttice

CreeSutticeDon’t underestimate this 3rd grader! Our Stellar Student for February is La Tijera Academy of Excellence’s best classroom secretary - Cree Suttice. Cree has served as class secretary for her second and third grade years at La Tijera. Her exceptional work ethic and passion for helping others has impacted her teachers and peers. She takes her class secretary role very seriously, even during online learning. Cree is always assisting other students and her study buddy through Zoom. She has shown true leadership and has set a shining example for her classmates.
Not only is Cree a great help to her class, she is also an outstanding student. She enjoys learning, and her two favorite subjects in school are math and English. Her love of math allows her to use her critical thinking skills and work through difficult math problems. Having begun spelling at the young age of two, Cree has become a great storyteller and artist, who enjoys writing short stories as well as illustrating them. Over the years she has finished 6 of her own original stories. Her love for math and English are reflected in her grades and recent diagnostic test scores, where she scored at the 6th grade level in both subject areas! Cree’s hobbies include playing soccer and basketball with her cousins and listening to classical and hip hop music. She was also an assistant at her church before the pandemic. Cree’s dream job is to become a pediatrician because she loves to help people. Her kind nature is seen through her acts of service, and will continue to carry on in her bright future!  Cree has this advice to share with her fellow IUSD Students: “Don’t let what you can’t do, interfere with what you can do.” (by Maygan Orr)
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 La Tijera Academy of Excellence - Pamela Ruiz Zermeno

Pamela ZermenoShe has big plans for 2021! This 8th grader at La Tijera Academy of Excellence has decided to create a task force to clean up her community in Inglewood. She says she is tired of seeing trash in her neighborhood, and wants to inspire others to be better stewards of the Earth. She also hopes to create an application one day that will bring awareness to issues that adversely impact our planet, such as excessive tree-cutting (deforestation), animals becoming endangered, and pollution.   
Pamela has always been dedicated to service. While maintaining a 4.0 GPA, Pamela has always found a way to assist her teachers, whether it be organizing papers, or taking attendance. She has also helped to organize functions at her church. Pamela’s favorite subject is Math and her hobbies are computer programming, running, and reading.  
Pamela would like to attend UCLA, Harvard, or Stanford for college, and plans to major in computer science. Her dream is to work for Facebook or Amazon as a game and application designer. Her teacher, Mr. Wilson, who nominated her, describes her as an outstanding student with perfect attendance. Pamela has this advice to share with her fellow IUSD students: “Fight for your dreams. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down, because many doors will open afterward. Always remember that every sacrifice has its reward." (By Maygan Orr)
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Crozier Middle School - Gerardo Gonzalez

GerardoGonzalezGerardo Gonzalez is a shining star at Crozier Middle School! This 7th grade student exemplifies excellence in all of his classes, even virtually! He has perfect attendance and a 3.5 GPA. He not only attends every class, every day, but is eager to participate in class lessons and activities. He never misses a chance to shine!
Gerardo’s teachers describe him as hardworking, polite, and ready to learn. They deem his work habits and citizenship as outstanding. Gerardo enjoys playing outdoor games such as tag and hide and seek, and loves to draw video game characters with his cousins. At home, he enjoys helping his mom with his baby sister. He would like to attend UCLA or USC for college, and wants to become an environmental scientist one day. Gerardo says that he would like to find ways to save plants and animals from becoming extinct.

Gerardo has this advice to share with other IUSD students: “Believe in yourself and try your best. If you fail, try and try again- never give up.”
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City Honors International Preparatory High School - Justyn Martin

IHS_Justyn Martin photoWe are excited to share Inglewood High School starting quarterback Justyn Martin who is ready for football season! Justyn is a junior at City Honors Preparatory High School, and a 4-star athlete. He maintains a 4.0 GPA, and demonstrates excellence in all that he does.  Justyn has participated in community service such as making sandwiches and delivering them to the homeless. He also helps clean Rowley Park and helps the staff set up sports equipment. Justyn is not only focused on his grades and football, but also wants to make this world a better place. He wants to be an NFL football player one day and use his platform to create social change. Justyn has this advice to share with his fellow IUSD students: “Embrace your role as a person and never become complacent.”      
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Payne K-8 Students - Giselle and Jocelynda Anguiano

Payne-Giselle-and-Jocelynda-Anguiano photoGiselle Moreno and Jocelynda Anguiano are the pride of Payne STEAM Academy! These two 7th graders have been volunteering to raise awareness and assist families with completing the Census 2020. Both students were inspired to volunteer in response to the State Board of Education's 9/10/2020 News Release regarding the new "State Seal of Civic Engagement Award", and their principal, Dr. Brian Coffey’s call to action. For this Project-Based-Learning activity, the students learned about civic duty and researched the census to be informed and share information with families coming to Payne's “Grab and Go” meal distribution. They have a booth set up with a Chromebook for families to complete the Census survey on the spot, and IUSD community liaison, Ms. Subrina Miller, provided Census-themed goody bags to pass out.      
Giselle and Jocelynda plan to write about their experience and share what they learned with their U.S. History classmates, and possibly be "guest teachers" in primary grade classes to impart their wisdom on younger students. They aspire to continue this platform to raise awareness surrounding the November election, and their hope is they will inspire other classmates to join them. Giselle and Jocelynda have this advice to share with their fellow IUSD students: “Encourage every adult you know to VOTE and be COUNTED—everyone should use their voice.”
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Frank D. Parent 7th-Grader - Saraiyah Slack

Saraiyah SlackShe maintains a 3.7 GPA, is a student fundraising leader for the Associated Student Body (ASB), and a student representative on the School Site Council (SSC). Saraiyah would like to become a computer science entrepreneur.
Saraiyah believes in making her school the best it can be through service. She volunteers her time in the student store and also volunteers as an Algebra Club peer tutor, where she tutors fellow students struggling in math. She enjoys art, and is a member of the Art Club, and also was a Frank D. Parent cheerleader.
Saraiyah would like to attend UCLA, USC, Harvard, Brown, or Yale for college one day. She is preparing herself for the financial world, by participating in the Stock Market Game competition (both National and Regional levels). Frank D. Parent has six teams in participation, among 244 teams in the middle school level competition. Saraiyah is on “Team Black Pantherettes”, which ranks 66th out of the 244 Southern California teams!
Saraiyah has this advice to share with her fellow IUSD students: “Always use integrity in your everyday life, because it is integrity that builds a better person."
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