Find Your Sport at IUSD

An Introduction to Athletics in Elementary School

Living an active lifestyle is something that we start teaching the importance of at an early age. Students participate in a variety of sports and activities in their physical education classes during elementary school so they can discover a pastime that they enjoy and will continue with as they mature into teenages and young adults.

Starting a Competitive Edge With Middle School Athletics

Inglewood is proud to offer many different options for our students to join a team and participate in sports starting in middle school. Soccer, football, basketball for boys and girls, and golf are just some of the options that students can try out for.

We strongly encourage staying active in team sports because it teaches discipline and how to be a team player. Young athletes are given a foundation for their chosen sport in middle school, can be competitive in that sport, and prepare themselves for our athletics program in high school.

Find Your Passion With High School Athletics

After finding the sport or activity that you love in elementary school and middle school, high school is the perfect setting to take it to the next level. With competitive programs in soccer, football, basketball, golf, and more, our students have the chance to show their talents to fellow students at IUSD, competing schools, and talent scouts for a possible future with college athletics. Having a passion and talent for sports in high school can open a variety of doors for a future collegiate career, and also an opportunity to earn scholarships, which is what we encourage all of our students to strive for.