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2018-2023 Strategic Plan

The Inglewood Graduate: Ready from Day One!

The focal point of this strategic plan is a set of Five Commitments— bold, explicit outcomes for our students, to be accomplished by the year 2023. The 2023 Commitments represent our promise to our students, their parents, and community stakeholders.
Commitment #1: Read proficiently by the end of grade 1
Commitment #2: Set personal growth targets
Commitment #3: Think critically and creatively; excel at the core subjects
Commitment #4: Achieve proficiency in a second language
Commitment #5: Earn a diploma; be ready for college or career
Ends are accomplished through means. Therefore, we have identified the Four Pillars, or capabilities that we must develop in order to accomplish these bold student achievement targets.
Pillar A: Rigorous, culturally responsive teaching & learning - focuses on "teaching & learning"
Pillar B: Strong relationships with families and community - recognizes that "schools can't do it alone"
Pillar C: Effective teachers, leaders, and staff - emphasizes "investing in people"
Pillar D: Data-informed, effective, and efficient systems - addresses "managing the whole"
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Progress and Changes Being Made District Wide

We are committed to keeping our district moving forward into the future in order for our students to be as successful as they can be. We know that the only way to reach our goals if the entire community is involved, which is why we held community summits for people to ask questions and share their thoughts and ideas.

Reports and Findings: