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Special Support Programs

We strive to provide our students with the best education. We offer special support programs to assist our students in their continued learning and developing so they can achieve educational success.

English Learners

IUSD achieved full compliance with all state and federal instructional program regulations for English learners. In fact, four Inglewood elementary schools—Bennett-Kew, Hudnall, Kelso, and Payne—have shown such success that the California Department of Education invited them to participate in a study on the best ways to teach English to second-language learners.

GATE Program

The Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program provides funding for local educational agencies (LEAs) to develop unique education opportunities for high-achieving and underachieving pupils in California public elementary and secondary schools who have been identified as gifted and talented. Special efforts are made to ensure that pupils from economically disadvantaged and varying cultural backgrounds are provided with full participation in these unique opportunities.


LEAs may establish programs for gifted and talented pupils consisting of special day classes, part-time groupings, and cluster groupings. GATE curricular components are required to be planned and organized as integrated differentiated learning experiences within the regular school day and may be augmented or supplemented with other differentiated activities related to the core curriculum, including independent study, acceleration, postsecondary education, and enrichment. For all programs for gifted and talented pupils, including those programs for pupils with high creative capability and talents in the performing and visual arts, each participating LEA shall concentrate part of its curriculum on providing GATE pupils with an academic component and, where appropriate, with instruction in basic skills.

GATE guidebook

Counseling / Psychological Services


In addition to counseling provided through the Special Education department, grief counseling and other counseling services are available as needed throughout the school district as a part of the Project Peace program. Counseling services are provided in partnership with outside agencies including Didi Hirsch and CARS (Centinela Youth Services Counseling and Referral Services).

Character Education


All IUSD schools teach character building. Some schools incorporate monthly values into their morning assemblies and academic programs, while others have after-school character building clubs such as “Boost It Up,” which focuses on morals and values for boys and girls.

Project Peace Collaborative Services


The Project Peace Collaborative unites various community agencies in support of a safe and positive learning environment for students. Project Peace programs address character building and values, conflict resolution, alternatives to violence, anger management, substance abuse prevention and intervention, mental health and counseling services, family mediation, student/police dialogues, and student-led problem solving.

For more information about Project Peace programs and services, please call 310-419-2700 ext 3085.

Career Day

Many IUSD schools host an annual Career Day in which local professionals volunteer their time to explain their careers to students. The idea is to expose students early to different careers and what they need to do in order to prepare for them.

Student Safety

Student safety is a top priority in the Inglewood Unified School District. IUSD uses district and school safety plans to ensure a safe and positive learning environment for students. The district was awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to upgrade radio communications, place emergency supply bins at all schools, and train staff.

The district also launched Connect-ED, a telephone service with which parents and staff can be reached at a moment’s notice. In addition, IUSD has adopted the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) system throughout its school sites. PBIS uses a proactive approach to teach and model appropriate behaviors and reinforce constructive expectations through affirmations and rewards. This prevention approach has been implemented as a method to improve disciplinary outcomes and foster positive school climates.

Adopt-A-School Program

Through the IUSD Adopt-A-School program, now in its third year, over 170 groups have adopted Inglewood schools, providing valuable resources and expertise in support of children’s education.

Community Outreach

Outreach to diverse community groups is ongoing. Some examples are the PTA/IUSD Fatherhood Initiative, Legislative Breakfast, Ministers’ Breakfasts, High Tea with community women and senior girls, Inglewood Educational Foundation, student body luncheons, mentoring, and representation on local and county committees.