Industrial Injuries

Employee Rights
California law guarantees certain benefits to employees who are injured or become ill because of their jobs.  Any job-related injury or illness is covered. Types of injuries and illnesses may include strains, sprains, cuts, cumulative or repetitive motion, fractures, mental injuries, illnesses and aggravations. Some injuries from voluntary, off duty, recreational, social or athletic activity may not be covered. If you are unsure or if you have questions regarding work-related injuries, please contact Benefits & Risk Management Analyst, Audrey Velasco.
All work-related injuries must be reported to your supervisor immediately. If you wait too long, you may lose your right to benefits. Employers are required to provide the injured employee with a claim form within one working day after learning about your injury.
It is illegal for an employer to punish or fire you for having a work injury or illness, for filing a claim, or testifying in another person’s workers’ compensation case. If proven, you may receive lost wages, job reinstatement, increased benefits, and costs and expenses up to limits set by the state.  For more information, please see the Notice of Potential Eligibility.
Company Nurse
If you have suffered an industrial injury, you must immediately notify your supervisor and contact Company Nurse, which is a third-party organization who performs telephonic triage of your injury and issues the initial treatment authorization to the industrial clinic of your choice (see below Industrial Clinics).  You also have the option of telemedicine depending on the type and severity of your injury.
Company Nurse
(877) 518-6702
Code QS393
Industrial Clinics
Concentra Urgent Care
Hillcrest Medical Clinic
6033 W Century Blvd, Ste. 200
Los Angeles, CA 90045
511 East Manchester Blvd.
Inglewood, CA 90301
PHONE   (310) 215-1600 (310) 672-9000
FAX   (310) 215-0783 (310) 672-9030
HOURS OF OPERATION   24 Hours/Day Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
CLINIC WEBSITE   Concentra Urgent Care Hillcrest Medical Clinic
Other Forms
Contact Information
The Risk Management Department is the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) liaison for all workers' compensation issues.  Questions regarding our workers' compensation policies or procedures should be referred to:
Jenny Fuentes
Interim Director of Risk Management
(213) 476-3667
Inglewood USD has contracted with Keenan & Associates to serve as the workers' compensation third-party administrator (TPA).  Please visit their Injured Worker Website for additional information related to industrial injuries.  If you have questions specific to your industrial injury, please feel free to reach out their Workers' Compensation Claims Department:  
Keenan & Associates
P.O. Box 2707
Torrance, CA 90509
(310) 212-0363