COVID-19 Testing (Employees)

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District Mask Mandate
Effective March 12, 2022, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) strongly recommends that individuals in K-12 and Childcare settings continue to mask in indoor settings. As such, our District will continue to adhere to our current COVID-19 protocols and procedures of requiring the use of masks when indoors and while utilizing District transportation, as we believe it is in the best interest of our students, staff, and community. Outdoor masking will not be required at this time.
Employee Testing Mandate
On August 11, 2021, California became the first state to require a COVID-19 vaccination or regular testing for public and private school districts when Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled a new public health order mandate that requires all TK-12 school staff to either show proof of full vaccination or be tested at least once per week.  All districts must be fully compliant by October 15, 2021.  Under the policy, school staff will be required to present a COVID-19 vaccination record card or photographic or QR code documentation of the card that includes the name of the employee, the type of vaccine received and the date of the final dose. 
Staff will be considered fully vaccinated two weeks or more after they have received the second dose in a two-dose vaccine series (Pfizer or Moderna) or a single-dose vaccine (Johnson & Johnson). Staff who are not fully vaccinated or who have not submitted documentation of such will be considered unvaccinated for official purposes and are not exempted from the testing requirement even if they have medical issues preventing vaccination, since they are still potentially able to spread the illness. Unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated workers must be tested at least once weekly with either PCR testing or antigen testing. 
Employees must submit proof or show proof of full vaccination to Human Resources pursuant to the mandate. 
Self-attestation of vaccination status does not exempt an employee from the testing requirement.
Employee Requirements

Employees must either submit proof of full vaccination as outlined above or register and participate in weekly onsite testing administered by our testing partner, Vital Health Services.

  1. Submit proof of full vaccination; or
  2. Register and participate in weekly onsite testing
    1. This is a free testing program and participants will not be charged
    2. Fully vaccinated employees are not currently required to participate in the testing program unless they are identified as a close contact to a confirmed positive COVID-19 case
    3. Participants only need to register once using the above link to participate in ongoing weekly testing 
Employees who are required to test weekly must participate in the District's COVID-19 testing program. 
COVID-19 tests from other sources will not exempt an employee from onsite weekly testing.
COVID-19 Testing Schedule
The Human Resources Division oversees employee COVID-19 testing.  Questions regarding our employee COVID-19 testing program should be referred to:
Nicole Leone
COVID-19 Testing Project Coordinator (Interim)
(310) 800-5572