Top Performing Teacher at Woodworth-Monroe!

We are happy to say that Woodworth-Monroe TK-8 has the top performing teacher when it comes to increasing students' Lexile levels during the 2018-2019 school year.  Mrs. Campbell-Herman's 7th graders grew from an average Lexile of 718 to 835.  Eleven of her students ended the year with Lexiles of over 900 and one ended with a Lexile of 1436.  Equally impressive was that ten (10) of her students grew their Lexiles by over 200 points.  Though there are some complicated elements to the research here, suffice to say that these kids - based on where they started with their Lexile levels - grew at almost four-times the national average rate.  
Our State Administrator, Dr. Melendez de Santa Ana, helped us to celebrate this momentous achievement!  Reading is the most important and valuable literacy skill for our students.  This is the skill that is core to accessing all other elements of our curriculum and learning. With this kind of growth, and these sorts of committed teachers and driven students I am confident that our students will promote from Woodworth-Monroe TK-8 more than prepared for the rigors of high school, college and Career.  Go Mariners!