IUSD Hosts Annual District-Wide Spelling Bee

Inglewood Unified School District students from grades 1-12 were honored at the March 6th board meeting by State Administrator Dr. Thelma Meléndez and presented to the community as the 2019 winners of the Annual District-wide Spelling Bee. IUSD hosts the yearly event as an academic enrichment activity promoting awareness about the meaning and origins of words.
This year, students from 16 schools throughout Inglewood Unified School District competed for a chance at being named an IUSD Super Speller. Room by room, students matched skills, intellect, and endurance across a multiplicity of words until a victor was named for the ultimate IUSD Champion Spell-Off. “The actual spelling bee lasted one hour in various classrooms,” said Oak Street Principal and Spelling Bee Moderator Richard Barter. “Several grade levels went into tiebreaker words. So rounds varied.”

This year’s Spell-Off winner was Melcinth Memeh, a fifth-grade student from Kelso Elementary School. Melcinth will advance to the Los Angeles County Elementary Spelling Bee uprooting last year’s seasoned champ Tyler Wilson, a seventh-grade student from LaTijera Academy of Excellence Charter School, who represented IUSD last year. The County Bee is held each year in March for district-level spelling champions in grades 4 to 6. Each district in the county is invited to send one district winner to compete in the county competition. Family members, friends, teachers, and administrators are on hand for the nerve-wracking competition that tests the skills, smarts, and stamina of super speller kids!

The Spelling Bee is an extension of Inglewood Unified School District’s Curriculum and Instruction Department that ensures families have access to a rigorous academic experience focused on teaching for intelligence, understanding, and mastery of the state content standards. Principal Barter, who is also a judge at the county spelling bee adds, “I have found that spelling is a talent, either you have it or you don’t. If you are an excellent speller, you are an athlete in words."