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IUSD Class of 2021 Graduate Form

IUSD Class of 2021 Graduate Form

Congratulations to our Class of 2021! To Parents and Guardians of our IUSD graduating seniors: IUSD would like to acknowledge all of the achievements of our seniors with a special recognition. We would like to include a photo of each of our graduates that will be displayed on our website and social media platforms. It is not required to have a professional take their senior portrait, however there are some photo specifications that must be considered when submitting photos.

These specifications include: 

  • Headshots only
  • No props, hats, hoods, money, people, pets, etc. in photo 
  • Must be in color  
  • Minimum 2.25” wide, 3” height, and 300 dpi preferred
  • Indoor, with a solid color background is suggested
  • Do not cut the head/hairline at the top of the photo 
  • Outdoor backgrounds can be used but not suggested

NOTE: You cannot save photos into Word, Works, Photoshop, tiff, gif, or PDF, file formats. WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE TAKING PRINTS FROM YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER AND SCANNING THEM. This will greatly impact the quality of the photo.


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