Status Updates

Status of my supplier application

After you complete and submit your application to become a supplier, Procurement Services will contact you via email indicating one of the following:

    • Additional information is needed to complete the screening process.
    • Your application has been accepted.
    • Your application has been declined.

If you submitted your application more than five (5) business days ago and you have not yet received a response, send an email inquiry to    


Status of my purchase order

Please contact the IUSD department with which you are doing business if:

    • You have not yet received the purchase order.
    • The purchase order is incorrect and changes are needed.

If you would like to modify your purchase order delivery method, please email


Status of my payment

If you’ve received a purchase order and have submitted your invoice, please email However, if you have not yet received a purchase order, please contact the iUSD team member in which you are engaging or have sent a quote to.