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Human Resources Staff

HR Mission
Promote recruitment, selection, and retention of highly qualified employees who will effectively serve and meet the needs of our students and the community at large.

HR Vision


The vision of the Human Resources Department is to provide the employee related resources necessary to fulfill the vision of the Inglewood Unified School District to the students, employees and community by demonstrating core values that include:

  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Responsiveness
  • Collaboration
  • Life Long Learning

All geared towards student success and the overall empowerment of district employees.




Nora Roque

Executive Director of Human Resources

(310) 419-2751



Tiffany Egan

Director of Benefits and Risk Management

(310) 680-4828



Melissa Railey

Human Resources Analyst

(310) 419-2761


Elisa Miller

Credential Analyst

(310) 419-2791


Jameer Ali

Lead Classified Personnel-Data Processing Technician

(310) 419-2749


Donya Bearden

Certificated Personnel-Data Processing Technician

(310) 680-4803


Natusha Patterson

Human Resources Technician

(310) 419-2753


Rocio Pizarro

Office Manager IV-HR

(310) 419-2759

Rosemary Tate

Teacher on Special Assignment –

BTSA/Induction Coach

Ofa Tuuholoaki

Administrative Secretary - Confidential HR

(310) 419-2751

Audrey Velasco

Employee Benefits Specialist

(310) 419-2760