Inglewood USD is on the Move

While the clatter and disruption of construction is typically seen as an annoyance to most-- many have come to appreciate the sounds around IUSD as it reminds us that improvements are taking place as a result of the voter-approved Bond Measure GG.

Recently concluded projects include an auditorium and pool renovation at Morningside High School complete with paint, fencing, and wall repairs. Additionally, six new playgrounds have been completed at Kelso, Parent, Centinela, Highland and Oak Street schools. Most recently, Beulah Payne Elementary has been given a boost with the demolition of portable classrooms, and the building of new, sound insulated classrooms.
The project also includes sound attenuation for existing rooms to enhance the learning environment for students’ compliments of the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA). LAWA is also providing technical assistance and support throughout IUSD’s implementation of the sound insulation program scheduled for several IUSD sites. Improvements include new acoustically rated windows, installation of new heating and air conditioning systems to maintain a comfortable environment when the windows and doors are closed, and the addition of insulation in the ceilings to further reduce noise intrusion. The new classrooms at Beulah Payne also are equipped with writable/erasable walls and flexible desks/chairs that are ergonomically fit and arranged to individualize instruction for students.

“It was important to visualize different concepts for each room based on student needs and teacher feedback in order to effectively organize our schools for instruction,” said IUSD Chief Facilities Operations Officer Leonard Hernandez. Who admits his excitement that these construction improvements are underway and moving forward with the approval of State Administrator Dr. Thelma Meléndez.
In short, targeted schools within Inglewood Unified School District Payne Elementary School, Monroe Middle School, Morningside High School, and Inglewood High School], will be given major facelifts, bringing them into the 21st century with new technology and amenities. The IUSD Facilities Master Plan document outlines a list of construction improvements that make energy efficiency, health, and safety improvements a priority. For more information on Measure GG improvements go to