COVID-19 | Benefits & Resources

COVID-19 | Employee / Retiree Benefits & Resources

We understand that there are many questions and concerns regarding COVID-19 and what resources are available in these uncertain times. The safety of our employees, families, and community is our top priority and we want to address your questions and inform you on how best to utilize the resources available through our benefit plans.


Testing for COVID-19 is currently only available to patients who are exhibiting symptoms of the disease and if a physician (your primary care of telemedicine doctor) assigns and writes an order for it. In general, our medical plans will cover the aspects of COVID-19 management as follows:

  • COST OF TESTING: All of our medical plans cover the cost for COVID-19 testing, and any associated costs (office visits, urgent care, ER) related to testing at $0 member cost.

  • COST OF TREATMENT: If diagnosed, all treatment will be provided at the plan’s existing coverage applicable to the type of treatment received (deductibles, copays, coinsurance).

As COVID-19 is a communicable disease, we encourage you to take advantage of the available telehealth services through our plans with Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente.  Utilizing telehealth instead of in-person health care services can help reduce your risk of exposure while also providing help to answer questions about the virus, evaluate your risk, and provide support by a phone or video call if you develop symptoms or have concerns.

If you have not already logged in and created a member account with your medical plan’s telehealth partner, we recommend that you do so now in case you urgently need to request an appointment in the future:

  1. Click Live Health Online 
  2. Select “Sign Up’ if you do not have an account
  3. Click “Log in” if you do have an account
  1. Call (833) 574-2273 or
  2. Click Kaiser Telehealth

You should (if you haven’t already) register as a member on your medical carrier’s online member portal and download their mobile app. The carrier websites and mobile apps will typically have the most up-to-date information on their coverage and stance on COVID-19 and how they are handling it. Once registered, you will also be able to review your benefits, download ID cards, review your claim history, and much more.

We also offer EASE, a free Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  EASE is available to ALL EMPLOYEES and their immediate family/household members regardless of group health benefits eligibility.  If you find yourself stressed and needing counseling assistance, the EASE program offers unlimited and confidential telephonic consultations with a counselor to  provide guidance on how to handle the stress and concerns arising out of recent developments. 


These updates are ever-changing, and we are working with dynamic information. The global community is staying on high alert to reduce the spread of this virus for public health safety and we invite you to stay informed.


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