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About Facilities


The Facilities team will work to provide and maintain a quality environment that supports student and teacher interaction so every student will reach his or her potential in mind, body, and spirit.

Philosophically, the District believes that the schools are the hubs of their neighborhoods. As a result, a high priority is placed on building and maintaining excellent facilities as economically as possible.  Used in the evenings and on weekends as locations for community events and organizations, the District’s schools and facilities help to reinforce the importance of family and community involvement.

Facilities Staff Contacts

(310) 419-2763
Interim Chief Business Official  Christine Dacanay 
Executive Director of Facilities & Operations Herlinda Bazan herlinda.bazan@inglewoodusd.com
Program Director Steven Ross
Document Control Specialist  Kimberly Munoz 
Program Manager  Stephanie Pulcifer spulcifer@cordobacorp.com
Construction Manager Senthil Sinnadurai 
Field Engineer  JasMin Khoe