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Inglewood Unified School District: Five-Year Strategic Plan

Cover of the 5-year strategic planA Blueprint for Our Students’ Future

Inglewood is a school district recognized for its history, grit, and determination - qualities that have brought forth the resurgence of the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD). Its celebrated past has produced scientists, engineers, teachers, champion professional athletes, and many other accomplished citizens. IUSD has always been and will continue to be a place where students come to succeed.
It’s no secret that over the past ten year years the job of providing a quality education that meets the needs of all IUSD students has been inconsistent. There have been many shifting trends in the community. And while our community has changed significantly in recent years, the mission of our school system remains unchanged: To provide equitable opportunities for every scholar to acquire the knowledge and skills for success beyond high school, within a safe, caring, thriving community.


When I began as state administrator in August 2017, I was determined to uplift the primary goal of our District’s mission. In an intentional, transparent, and unified way we brought Inglewood stakeholders together. Stakeholders, that despite budget challenges, and state receivership, had the will to come together to help craft our Five Year Strategic Plan – our roadmap to creating a world-class education for all our scholars. The pages of this plan build upon community input and assets found right here in Inglewood. In preparing this plan, stakeholders supported the crafting of this document and helped us face the facts about our current condition and what we need to do together to move forward. This plan articulates the hopes and dreams that teachers, parents, staff, and community members share for our students, but most of all how we plan to deliver on the promise of our mission.


Each morning when I enter my office, I am reminded why I do this work: It is because I truly believe that students are at the heart of everything we do. At the Inglewood Unified School District, we are transforming our schools – and the lives of all our scholars, without exception! This Strategic Plan is our blueprint for the future we envision for the Inglewood Unified School
District. Thank you for your enduring support and involvement in IUSD’s continuous improvement efforts.


Thelma Meléndez de Santa Ana, Ph.D.
State Administrator

About the Strategic Planning Process

Inglewood Unified School District is an ethnically and culturally diverse school system serving the communities of Inglewood and Ladera Heights in Los Angeles County. Inglewood USD and its communities share a rich history of accomplishments in numerous spheres: arts and entertainment, sports, educational attainment, civic pride and engagement, and family-friendly supports and services.

During the 2017-2018 school year, InglewGroup of elementary studentsood USD operated 19 school buildings: ten elementary schools, two transitional K-8 schools, two middle schools, three high schools, one continuation school, and one community adult school. The district also operates a preschool program. Our district employed approximately 450 teachers, 60 administrators, 40 pupil-services personnel, and 470 support staff.

In recent years, like many school systems in California, our district has experienced dramatic shifts – declining student enrollment, changing demographics, challenging socioeconomic conditions for families, a drop in school funding, and the expansion of charter schools. Yet, our mission remains unchanged: providing effective educational experiences for every student in our care.

This Educational Strategic Plan focuses on the district’s aims and roadmap for improving the quality and effectiveness of teaching, learning, and leadership. A comprehensive Facilities Strategic Plan is being developed concurrently, to recommend strategies for facilities usage that reflect the needs of our students, our community, and Inglewood’s fiscal and infrastructural realities.