Transforming Young Lives Through Education


Elementary School Curriculum

Learn more about the academic journey your elementary school student will take during their time with us. Implementing an enthusiasm and curiosity for education at a young age is one of our main priorities.






Middle School Curriculum

Take a look at the academic expectations we set for your middle school child while attending IUSD. This is the time for students to discover some of their personal interests and passions, and prepare for success in high school.







High School Curriculum

Find out what your high school student will be learning to prepare them for college and beyond. From classroom curriculum to extracurriculars, and college test prep, we are here to encourage and motivate.






Special Support Programs

Every student who attends IUSD deserves to have a positive and productive experience. This is why we offer a variety of special support programs to meet the needs of our entire student population.


Special Education

With the help of our highly trained staff and teachers, our special education department provides a safe and nurturing environment where students with special needs can learn and develop their own skill sets.